Keep your addictions
under control

Do you suffer with an addiction?

Dependn' lets you analyze your behavior and share your data with your doctor.

Create new records while on the move, straight from your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Give context to each dose you record, whether you are simply experiencing cravings or actually consume a dose. Monitor the intensity of your cravings.

Track one addiction, or several addictions at the same time, from alcohol to cannabis or tobacco.

Share your data with your specialist anytime

Are you a medical specialist?

Dependn' lets you collect daily data from your patients who are suffering with addictions.

Dependn’ Book

Collect data about the context, the patient's feelings and the craving intensity related to each dose.

Differentiate between your patient's controlled cravings and real consumption.

Patients can record their doses from anywhere, whether at home or on the move.

Export the data for one or several addictions, in one single XLS file.

By following my consumption on a daily basis, as well as my feelings and the intensity of my cravings, my addictologist was able to see patterns in my behavior. She helped me to concentrate on consumptions that I was able to reduce or replace.

Without Dependn', I would never have had the courage to have come so far. It just wouldn't have been possible. That's why I want to share Dependn’ with you today

David Miotti - Dependn' Founder.